(Tile 17)

Jesus Christ
(Tile 18)

Mary with Dove
(Tile 19)

(Tile 20)

San Pascual (Talavera)
(Tile 21)

(Tile 22)

Mary with Hawk
(Tile 23)

N.S. Guadalupe 2
(Tile 24)

Mary's Eye
(Tile 27)

El Nino de Atocha
(Tile 28)

San Albino de Mesilla
(Tile 29)

Guardian Angel
(Tile 30)

N. S. Guadalupe Sun/Moon
(Tile 31)

Sagrada de Maria
(Tile 32)

Sagrado de Jesus
(Tile 33)

Yellow Cristo
(Tile 34)

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The tiles listed above come in standard 4" (4.25"), 6", 8", and 12" (11.75') sizes.  Four inch tiles must be purchased in even numbered quantities per image.  These tiles may also be made into square murals (see templates).  Any murals should really be considered for indoor use with non direct sunlight exposure.  They may be used outside provided they are displayed in a shaded area.  Mugs can also be made from any image other than an actual mural from this site as well as ceramic magnets.  Magnets need to be ordered in groups of nine.

Virginia Maria Romero reserves copyrights on all of the provided images and hopes you enjoy her visions and creations.  This is the Arte de Romero Tile site and price list will be provided by contacting her tile partner at  (575) 532-5885 or by sending an e-mail to