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Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Where can I go to see your images?
Answer:  You can see our tile images and tile murals here at

Question:  Do you have a price sheet for all of your tile?
Answer:  We can either give you one, send you one by e-mail or you can download it after calling and requesting our wholesale price list download or view it on the link I provide you after contact.

Question:  What is the turn around time to receive all tile?
Answer:  The turn-around time for an order is usually less than 2 weeks.  Sometimes an order can be delivered in a few days.  New customers need to wait a few extra days as we need your check (if paid by check) to clear before we send the tiles.

Question:  Do you accept Visa/Mastercard or Discover for payment?
Answer:  We do accept Visa/Mastercard and Discover through PayPal.  Otherwise, we do not accept credit cards.  We require payment by check within a few days of receiving said tile for existing orders and accept payment by check on new orders before sending tile.  We are a small company and have been burned sending tile first and then waiting for payment.

Question:  What are your terms of payment?
Answer:  After your first purchase our terms are usually net15 and then net30 after your second and third orders and remain net30 thereafter.  Since it takes a week to 2 weeks (maximum) to deliver your order, we expect you to pay said invoices within 2 weeks of receiving said orders.

Question:  Do you have a Returns or a Damaged Goods Policy?
Answer:  Yes.  We stand by our products.  If you receive a damaged or defective tile we are obligated to replace it, provided you have contacted us within 3 days of receipt of said tile explaining the damage or defect.  We will have a replacement made and sent to you within two weeks of said reporting.  We will ask for damaged tiles if there is a decent quantity reported and request you keep all packaging materials for insurance purposes.

Question:  Can these tiles be used outdoors? 
Answer:  These tiles can be used outdoors, but will fade if exposed to the sun.  They can be fine if shaded throughout the day.  Special tiles can be ordered which cost quite a bit more for installation in a kitchen or a bathroom that needs to be cleaned regularly. 

Question:  Do these tiles come framed?
Answer:  They can come framed for additional money (see price sheet), but this often delays receipt due to gluing in frame, un-packaging, and resending.  Many people prefer to make their own frames or place them in a counter or wall.  We can have easels glued to the back (no delay in delivery – see schedule for additional cost of easel) although some vendors prefer to have the easels loose so those putting them into a wall don’t have them affixed whereas other do want to stand up the tile and giving the easel to them and their own gluing resolves this issue.

Question:  Do these tiles come with a backing or easel?
Answer:  Yes.  Although each easel costs and additional amount (4.25” = $1.50, 6”=$2.00, 8”= $3.00)

Question:  Do I need to order a certain amount of tile per order?
Answer:  Your first order must be over $250.00 excluding shipping.  After establishing your first order all subsequent orders are to be a minimum of $120.00.

Question:  Do you make specialized tiles?
Answer:  Yes.  Some tiles are proprietary tiles, but are not offered or displayed on our site.  Others proprietary tiles maybe similar to our displayed tiles, but may have a logo added (additional cost negotiated).  Some proprietary tiles may not be used for other logos and all proprietary tiles can not be sold to another vendor without the expressed written consent of the logo owner.

Question:  What notable people or places purchased or carry your tile?
Answer:  Pope Benedict II was presented with an original retablos and tiles by Virginia Maria Romero.  The Santuario de Chimayo gift store sells our tiles.  The San Albino Basilica gift store sells one of our tiles with their official seal (logo).  The New Las Cruces Convention Center gift shop also has a proprietary tile available.  The Palace of the Governors Museum shop in Santa Fe also carries our tiles too.

Question:  Will you come out with more patron Saints and desert animal tiles?
Answer:  Yes.  The artist, Virginia Romero is very prolific in that she is constantly creating new pieces.   Please check this web site from time to time as I will add new images.

Question:  How do you handle mural purchases?
Answer:  We give you the option of either having them framed or loose.  Framed obviously costs more for the frame, gluing, shipping, and insurance.  Mural orders should be either phoned in to be discussed or e-mailed.  This way we can give you a framing turnaround time and give you a more accurate cost quotation.

Question:  Do large purchases require insurance?
Answer:   Yes.  Large shipments with or without multiple boxes require insurance as do any shipments out of the United States.  Shipments outside the 48 continental contiguous states may require more for shipment.  Shipments to other countries including Canada will also incur a greater expense for shipping and filing forms of lading.

If you can't find an answer to a question please contact me at (575) 532-5885 or e-mail me at and I will answer your questions.  If you are a retail store and want a list of our wholesale prices, e-mail me and I will send you a link to a document and page where you can view and download said price list. 



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